tomium partners

We begin each project with an open mind and a clean slate regarding what software will fulfill the necessary requirements. As expected, we see many different technologies working in the enterprise collaboration environment. We strive to use the highest quality vendors and open standards whenever possible.

The companies listed here represent the best in their class according not only to our research and experience, but that of our customers and industry analysts. We are always confident when partnering with these companies in meeting our customer's needs. We would be pleased to arrange a demo of their latest products for your company.



Founded in 1999, AGEA™ Corporation (formerly agentGO) is the leading wireless infrastructure software company offering real-time mobile decision support and mobile workforce management solutions for Global 2000 enterprises. AGEA's advantages include its third generation and agent-based technology built on Java and XML, its graphical and rapid application development tools, its suite of enterprise applications, and its support for all wireless devices, all wireless networks, all relational databases and all web application servers. Through strategic partnerships and alliances with systems integrators, OEMs, ISVs, ASPs, and wireless carriers, AGEA offers the most easy to use, complete and cost effective wireless solutions for enterprises.

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BEA Systems is one of the world’s leading e-business infrastructure software companies. Put simply, BEA helps business become e-business.

In the Internet age, businesses that are built to last are built for speed — not just in time-to-market but also in adapting to change and in innovating with every uptick of Internet time. More than 9,400 companies have chosen the BEA WebLogic E-Business Platform™ as the underpinnings of their business to keep them fast-moving, flexible, and future-proofed. With WebLogic at their core, these businesses turn change into opportunity and use their agility as a competitive advantage.

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