tomium approach
e3 methodology

A methodology should reduce the risk within a project and repeatable produce desired results.

Many companies try to reinvent the wheel to set them apart. We feel that this is foolhardy for the following reasons.

  • There are a large number of methodologies that exist today.
  • It confines a company to one methodology for all projects.
  • The methodologies become either too heavy or too light.
  • Scale of a project requires that one or more methodologies be applied.
  • Customers may require utilizing a different methodology.

Underlying every methodology are roles, responsibilities, and artifacts. We at Tomium believe that the best approach is to provide, for the client, a choice of existing methodologies and help them to decide what approach works best. The methodologies we are familiar with and have worked are Rational Unified Process, Booch’s Object Orientated Programming and Extreme Programming XP. Each of these methodologies is applicable depending on the scale and complexity of a project. We work with a client to decide which approach or set of approaches is best for a given project.

Knowledge Management

Tomium believes that managing the knowledge that surrounds a project is key to our success. We believe that that an open and secure access to the knowledge surrounding a project enables better communication with our client. We provide the following to capabilities to ensure knowledge.

  • Web access to related project artifacts including but not limited to documents, source code, and executables.
  • Web access to issue tracking systems.
  • Web access to project members if they are not working onsite.

Tomium believes that the more information we can provide to a client the better the chance of success will be.