how we work

Tomium recognizes that today the same problems exist that existed 10 years ago. Move the correct information to the correct people at the correct time in the most cost – efficient manner.

The Internet has been an incredible facilitator for allowing clients to come to a company and transact business. This increase in volume has exposed weaknesses and bottlenecks within the company. These include process management, workflow, enterprise integration, and collaboration with other companies.

The scale and type of a project requires that different approaches be used. A large enterprise wide project requires that a documentation approach be used. A smaller project such as web enabling over an existing database works well with an architectural approach.

No magic bullet here but fortunately Tomium recognizes from years of experience that the right approach is:

  • Understand the problem.
  • Ensure interaction with the client.
  • Provide a consistent set of deliverables that meet expectations.

Tomium recognizes this in its methodology and approach in working with clients. We work with the client to help understand the scale and complexity of the project then apply one or more of the methodologies to ensure a solution.