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Web-based collaborative commerce brings the potential for dramatic value creation. We combine internal workflow automation, business process integration and cutting edge; standards based communication and collaboration technology to create true competitive advantage.

First generation B2C and B2B efforts focused simply on online catalogs and matching buyers and sellers, leaving everything else business-as-usual. Many businesses found that this created business process problems that masked the desired increases in business value. Next generation collaborative commerce holds the promise of unlocking vast benefits, as companies, suppliers, partners and customers are knit together into fluid business webs that increase revenue, speed time-to-market, and slash inventory.

Tomium builds collaborative commerce software solutions based on three simple ideas. First, technology has value only when it solves strategic business problems. Tomium brings deep domain expertise in energy and financial services to identify and address critical business problems and bring bottom line value.

Second, turning strategic insight into bottom line impact requires the right technology. Tomium solutions harness next generation enterprise application and e-business integration technology to create an open architecture that addresses the key requirements for true collaborative commerce: flexibility, accessibility, and visibility across the value chain.

Third, using iterative development techniques that target the highest impact areas to achieve business returns in the shortest time frame possible. By combing this iterative approach with standards based open system solutions Tomium builds scalable business solutions that bring immediate business value while not sacrificing maintainability and growth needs.