about tomium

Tomium’s culture is defined by its people. Founded out of the turmoil following the explosion of the Internet, Tomium, provides a home to some of the best and the brightest architects, project managers, strategists, and technologists in the industry. Key to the success of Tomium is it’s founding principals of teamwork, innovation, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

We are serious about our people. We know that keeping a good balance between intensity and fun is a key to our success. We are serious about your career we provide individual career development plans, formal and informal mentoring programs, and annual training goals. We are serious about your life; we recognize that work is not everything so we have regular happy hours, outing, and believe that family is an important part of a well-balanced person.

The energy of Tomium employees is contagious. We take great pride in our work, and bring immense integrity to everything we do. Technologically, Tomium leaps ahead of the e-Business crowd. Our commitment to hiring and retaining the best employees ensures that the competition never catches up.